Values-Based Leadership Programs

The Culture, Equity & Leadership Team

The Culture, Equity & Leadership Team holds values-based programs that offer a space for DPS team members to learn, grow and have a positive impact

DPS Creating Connections

Creating Connections is the foundation for all other values-based programs. Gain greater awareness of our shared vision and values and the importance of building relationships and connections across Team DPS during this one-day program. All are encouraged to participate.

DPS Skills

Build your individual knowledge, skills and abilities through a variety of individualized training workshops. All are encouraged to participate.

Equity Boot Camp

Develop facilitation skills for leading conversations on race and equity within your school or department and create action plans to implement strategies discussed during this one-day program for DPS educators and community members.

DPS Belong

Belong groups are employee-built groups fostering diversity and inclusion that create intentional spaces for people with similar backgrounds, beliefs and experiences to gather, celebrate and create community.

DPS Aspire

Engage, reflect and have fun while learning about how you, as a leader, can transform DPS values into action, vision into reality, obstacles into innovation and risks into rewards during this two-day program for DPS educators.

DPS Management

Assess and continue to develop leadership competencies for greater influence. This program will help you hone your leadership skills to influence and engage those you lead, facilitate change and develop a performance-based, team culture.

DPS Leadership

Examine the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership and use the Leadership Practices Inventory (360 feedback tool) as a way to identify the frequency in which you demonstrate leadership behaviors.

DPS Teams

DPS Teams is a values-based leadership experience designed for intact school leadership and central office teams of 5-12 people. DPS Teams supports building strong teams by providing the time, space, skills and tools for teams to begin developing high-performing cultures.