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Integrity Hotline for DPS Employees

Integrity Hotline: Your Voice Matters

Upholding the Shared Core Values involves acting professionally and with integrity, supporting equity and inclusion, and holding one another and ourselves accountable to these standards. If you have observed an issue with integrity or have reason for concern within Our DPS that is unable to be addressed directly, please submit an IntegraReport or call our automated phone hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 1-855-858-3344.

When should I turn to IntegraReport?*

  • If you don’t feel comfortable speaking directly to the individual(s) in question or your HR partner

  • If you believe an ethics/integrity/professionalism issue is not being resolved through previous reports

  • If you’d like mediation assistance to help solve an issue pertaining to integrity, equity, or professionalism

  • If you’d like assistance on ethics questions and/or issues

  • Sharing a positive experience you’ve had involving an experience relating to integrity

Submit an IntegraReport

  • Enter Subscriber Code: DPSK12

*Please note: If your concern rises to the level of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, Denver Public Schools is legally required to investigate the claim and a trained investigator will reach out to you in order to gather further information.

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