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2nd Annual Back to School Kick-Off Flier

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Our Mission

The mission of the Black Family Advisory Council (BFAC) is to collaboratively create a platform to empower families of Black DPS students to ensure informed decisions are being made that positively impact our students through advocacy, information, and active community engagement. BFAC includes Black students, their families, staff, and community members across the district.

You do not need to be Black to participate, just need to be focused on the needs of Black students and their families in DPS. Black means African African American,  Haitian, Jamaican,  Latin American, or any person who identifies as Black. BFAC is a voice and seat at the decision making tables for Black people in DPS. We are advocating for improvements for our children and we need all the help we can get! We need you!

Our Purpose

We are community-led and district supported. The involvement of parents, guardians and family units is a priority for BFAC. Working together collectively and collaboratively with DPS helps us target the success of our students.  

By aligning to the district initiatives and priorities and supporting schools in aligning to the needs of Black students and their families, BFAC is holding schools and the district accountable to executing true equity.

"I deeply appreciate all the effort and assistance Tiffany Grays and Black Family Advisory Council (BFAC) provided in preparing me for a meeting concerning the special needs of my daughter. Your support has been invaluable and your dedication and support have been greatly appreciated. Your support has meant a lot to my daughter and myself!"

- Maya Wheeler BFAC Member DPS Parent  



Join Us and Advocate for Black Students and Families

The Black Family Advisory Council (BFAC) meets every second Tuesday of the month, always online and quarterly hybrid online and in person with our Superintendent.  Our Council hears from different departments in DPS and Denver, provides feedback and input to DPS and Denver, and follows-up to help bring accountability and equity for our students.

Joining the Black Family Advisory Council to be a voice for Black Families in DPS or obtaining information and support, helps all of us improve outcomes for our Black students. Participating in the council gives you a unique opportunity to advocate on behalf of students and families and elevate the needs of community directly to district leadership.

Upcoming Meetings

The Black Family Advisory Council (BFAC) meets the second every second Tuesday of the month, always online and quarterly hybrid online and in person with the Superintendent. We hear from different departments in DPS and Denver and provide feedback and input to DPS and Denver. We also attend other meetings like the Board of Education meetings. All can be found on our calendar.

Upcoming Events

BFAC heard and is responsive to community by holding annual events to bring Black students and their families/caregivers together to celebrate and enjoy our Black community in DPS. We hold a Back to School Kickoff in August every year with free backpacks, school supplies, food, fun, as well as Denver and DPS resources. We also hold an annual Black Excellence Celebration where nominated students receive awards and prizes at a celebration with their families/caregivers.

Black Family Advisory Council Leadership

Chair: Tiffany Grays

Secretary: Codie Egart

Vice Chair: Sophia Cocas

Key DPS Policies Supporting Black Equity

Black History in Denver Public Schools

Black families in Denver have been in DPS since the beginning of DPS in the 1700’s! Our history is rich in many contributions we have made to the district and city of Denver. Including that Black Family Advisory Council (BFAC) is unique in its inception in DPS unlike all other Councils. BFAC is here because of a recommendation from the African American Equity Task Force which was a recommendation from the Bailey Report. Black Family Advisory Council is the sowed seeds of many sprouting to fruition.

Despite historical and continued oppression, trauma, discrimination, and legal exclusion, experienced by Black students, families, and staff in Denver Public Schools that continue today, contributions made by trailblazers within the Black and African American community stand as essential lessons today. It is important to explore history to deepen personal awareness. As awareness is deepened, commitment to keep this history relevant will uplift and enrich a personal experience and journey that is meaningful to success of all students.

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