Summer Learning Opportunities – Culture, Equity & Leadership Team

Achieving Excellence Academy

June 21- July 14, 2022

Program will be held in-person at Denver School of the Arts, Monday-Thursday

Incoming 9th Graders

Achieving Excellence Academy Overview


The AEA summer program will serve as an immersive 4-week pilot cultural identity and ethnic studies program on Black/African-American & Latinx experiences and ancestral histories. This space will also provide opportunities to unpack and explore varied racial, social, historic, and modern civic complexities facing marginalized populations and communities in the 21st Century. We know that social studies curriculum education (ethnic studies and cultural learnings) in the middle grades can contain significant gaps with respect to Black/African-American and Latinx perspectives and experiences. Therefore, our initial focus on incoming 9th graders, especially Black/African-American & Latinx students, is a purposeful opportunity to address current efforts to strengthen student achievement, elevate student voices, and to provide the encouragement and support students’ need to grow cultural and racial identities and understanding. It is our hope for AEA participants to carry forward their remarkable ancestral learnings, histories of resilience, and excellence into the upcoming school year.

To learn more about the AEA summer program click here!   

All incoming 9th grade students are welcome to apply here!

Youth Symposium

Due to the unique challenges of this academic school year, we have decided to postpone this summer’s Youth Symposium. This decision was best for the integrity of the program that considers all students, staff members, community members, and stakeholder needs. The Youth Symposium will be rescheduled for the Fall or Spring 22-23 academic school year. We are looking forward to providing this unique peer mentoring program in the future.

Stay tuned for more information coming this Fall!