Equity and Inclusion

At DPS, we share a common vision that Every Child Succeeds. In order for us to achieve this vision, each child must have the same opportunities to learn and grow, to know that they are valued and to believe that they can succeed. That’s why DPS educators chose equity as one of the Shared Core Values, which means it should inform and be reflected in all that we do. In DPS, we define equity as, “we celebrate our diversity and provide the necessary resources and supports to eliminate barriers to success and foster a more equitable future for all our kids.” To help ensure that Every Child Succeeds, we have made a commitment to build a strong culture of equity in DPS with our students, our team and our community.

Equity is a Shared Core Value

The work of eliminating opportunity gaps belongs to everyone in DPS. From educational opportunities to hiring practices to discipline policies, we must focus on how our actions further our Shared Core Value of equity. To live that value of equity, we must provide opportunity, access and inclusion to all, while providing the necessary resources and supports to raise the achievement of all students while narrowing the gaps between the highest and lowest performing students.

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African-American Equity Task Force

The African-American Equity Task Force was asked to develop and present a set of prioritized recommendations to help close the Opportunity Gap for our African-American students and educators. Since being presented to the Board of Education, the district is working to develop work plans and prioritize actions in response to the recommendations.

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Programs for Educators and the Community

We offer a variety of equity-focused programs for DPS educators and the Denver community that work to create conversations around diversity, equity and inclusion and engage staff as culturally responsive educators.

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African-American Education Network

The African-American Education Network helps provide African-American students, parents and families with tools to help navigate PreK-20 education in Denver and beyond.

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