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African-American Young Ladies Summit Continues to Grow

Dec. 12 marked the third convening of the African-American Young Ladies Summit (A2YLS), bringing together almost 300 DPS students to learn, grow and build upon the ideas that were created during previous summits. As creator and organizer, Dr. Plashan McCune stated during the first summit this past May, “I’d like this event to become a

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Over 200 DPS Students attend Black Male Initiative

Over 200 students from high schools across DPS gathered together on Nov. 27 to discuss their futures with Denver community leaders, college and career representatives, DPS leaders and local government figures. This is the third Black Male Initiative event that has taken place over the past year with the focus on providing critical college resources and

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DPS Celebrates Black History Month

This February, DPS has been busy celebrating Black History Month throughout the district. From a Black History Month Museum to the first African-American sorority at Manual High School, check out the different celebrations featured in the link below: Celebrating Black History Month

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