Semi-Annual Task Force Meeting Re-Engages Community Voice

One year ago this month, the Denver Public Schools Board of Education adopted 11 recommendations submitted by the African-American Equity Task Force (AAETF), all of which were the result of findings from the Bailey Report.
Accomplishments and work in progress were highlighted last week during the first of two, semi-annual meetings scheduled for this year. More than 90 partners from across the community participated, including community members, parents and families, educators, DPS senior leadership and Board of Education members.

The leaders of the five AAETF implementation teams led small group discussions focused on a problem-of-practice protocol to address a challenge they currently face in their respective work. The five recommendation areas are:

  • District and School Structures to Promote Equity
  • Culturally Responsive Instruction, Engagement and Communication
  • Targeted Supports for Students
  • Community and Family Resources
  • Equitable Employment Practices and Work Environments

The Implementation Team Leads and Wisdom Team members are introduced during the AAETF Community Meeting on June 12.

“Tonight’s meeting is a way for members of the community to re-engage in the conversation and the ongoing work, and to offer perspectives we may not have considered,” said Leslie L. Juniel, Senior Program Manager of Equity Initiatives. “We’re providing collaborative spaces for diverse voices to be included – we all bring personal experiences, levels of expertise and a desire to ensure our students succeed.”

Learn more about the Community Meeting: Watch DPS Features video: Task Force Pursues Equity for African-American Students, Educators

The next steps for the Implementation Team Leads include leveraging the feedback and ideas from the community meeting to further inform the work of the AAETF. Stay tuned for a future update with details on how the feedback is being utilized per recommendation.

Resources from the AAETF June 2018 Community Meeting:

Read a comprehensive, ongoing list of progress and accomplishments for each recommendation on the AAETF webpage.

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