April 20–21: CBRT Black Community Mobilization Weekend

“A toast to our people and our community or the Black Panthers speak.”

Join the Colorado Black Round Table (CBRT) along with elected officials, democratic party leaders, business leaders, faith leaders, leaders of community organizations, fraternities, sororities, educators and concerned community members for the Black Community Mobilization weekend. Free to attend, no RSVP needed!

Friday, April 20

Holiday Inn Stapleton, 3333 Quebec Street

5–6:30 p.m: Leadership Discussion On Community Hot Topics


  • The 2018 Elections and What Does This Mean To The Black Community? WHY WE MUST VOTE!!!!!!!!
  • Is The Black Community, Black Elected Officials And Black Leaders Under Attack-AGAIN?
  • What’s Happening in Aurora & Denver Public Schools?
  • Where Is The Economic Opportunity For Black Businesses and The Black Community?
  • Why The Mental Health Conversation Is So Important?
  • What Does “The Black Panther Movie” Mean To Our Community and To Black Youth?
  • What about Public Safety In Denver?
  • What Does Our Future Look Like?
  • State/Legislative and Municipal/Denver Updates

6:30 p.m: CBRT Black Community Reception

  • For our black elected officials and our community organizations
  • Music, Food, Conversation, Cash Bar
  • *SPECIAL GIFT – BARACK OBAMA PRINT* “From slave ship to president: look how far we have come” (CBRT souvenir to the 1st 250 persons attending Discussion & Reception-Priceless, Historic & Never Seen Before)

Saturday, April 21

H. Davis Recreation Center, 3334 Holly Street

9–12 p.m: CBRT Colorado Critical Issues Discussion on “Education & Economic Opportunity in the Black Community” with Colorado candidates for Governor, other state-wide and local candidates

  • 9:15 a.m. – Remarks from Statewide & Local Candidates Seeking Black Community Support
  • 10:15 a.m. – Critical Issues Discussion with Democratic Candidates for Governor of Colorado
    (Confirmed to date: Michael Johnston, Cary Kennedy, Jared Polis)