African-American Equity Task Force Work Moves Forward

The board received an update on September 18 from the African-American Equity Task Force on the implementation of its plan. The task force was formed to address the factors contributing to the opportunity gap as outlined in the Bailey Report. 

Led by Allen Smith, chief of the Culture, Equity and Leadership Team (CELT), the task force was made up of 100 parents, educators and community leaders with a mission to improve the experiences of African-American students, employees and families in DPS. After eight months of study, the task force presented prioritized recommendations to the board in the spring, and tonight presented progress on its multi-year work plan, including community engagement and establishment of an oversight committee.

The task force’s primary overarching recommendation for a formal structure to ensure effective execution of the work plan is underway with the establishment of an Equity team. The district has also developed a partnership with Generation Ready, established DPS Belong Employee Resource Groups and the Black Educator Superintendent Team (BEST), rolled out culturally responsive education training for all new educators and increased the number of African-American school leader and teacher hires.

You can read more about next steps here.