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Transform DPS values into action, vision into reality, obstacles into innovation and risks into rewards during this two-day program for DPS educators.

Program Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • Identify individual leadership capacity, style, and strengths
  • Increase self awareness about assumptions/biases and begin to challenge assumptions
  • Build meaningful relationships with peers and colleagues across DPS
  • Learn how to lead through the lens of cultural responsiveness and equity
  • Learn how to leverage and take action through sphere of influence
  • Understand the importance of cultivating greatness in others
  • Learn how to navigate a difficult conversation
  • Identify strengths and opportunities for growth with integrating the DPS values
  • Learn how to lead for change through Mission and Values (M&V)
  • Develop strategies and action plan to grow and improve, both personally and professionally

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I love working in Denver Public Schools.  I came to Martin Luther King Jr. Early College because I was committed to the vision and purpose of equity in student achievement.  I have attended and benefitted from scores of professional development that refined and renewed my practice.  DPSAspire however was of a different caliber.  It was the first training that truly addressed and impacted my soul as a teacher and leader.  We have all encountered those leaders who lead from a truly authentic, passionate place; they seem to just have a different skill set or a gift.  While that may be true, DPSAspire began to deepen my capacity to be that type of leader as well.

Dave Shanks
Martin Luther King Jr. Early College
HS Math Teacher Leader