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Creating Connections (CC) is designed to be an engaging, fun and informative opportunity to build personal and professional skills while connecting to other Educators from across the district for a greater appreciation of each other and the contributions we all make to DPS.

After attending and engaging in CC educators (ALL DPS employees) should be able to:

  • Articulate, define and demonstrate the DPS Shared Core Values (SCV)
  • Align the SCV to individual, team/department and the district work (Denver Plan) to ensure we reach our vision: Every Child Succeeds
  •  Expand networks and build relationships across the district
  • Assess areas of improvement – personally and professionally
  • Message the importance of SCV with others
  • Demonstrate passion, excitement and enthusiasm for team DPS
  • Communicate personal credo and adjust styles and preferences to work more effectively with others
  • Recognize biases and communicate the definition of equity as it relates to the DPS mission, vision and Shared Core Values


Feeback from Creating Connections:

“I was a little nervous going in but by mid-day I was having fun meeting and talking with new people from every department!! I had a lot of FUN!”

“What an amazing class–really helped me figure out parts of my personality. I really appreciate my time spent there.”


 “I enjoyed working/meeting/collaborating with people who represent all areas/departments in the district.”

 “I thought this was very fun and informative! The speakers were enthusiastic and made you feel comfortable. I appreciated the time, knowledge, and personal sharing that everyone put in to make this a super exciting learning experience.”

 “Overall, it was a great experience. I think each school could benefit from something….to build a foundation of common values and build team effort and school culture.”

 “Thanks to everyone that made this possible including our principals; will recommend for coworkers. I play for Team DPS.”


 2017/2018 Dates Coming Soon!


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Registration is fast and easy:

Non-Classroom Educators Register Now via PLS: https://ltmwebprod01.dpsk12.org/sso/SSOServlet?_action=LAUNCHAPP&_serviceName=CERTPOINT&_origUrl=https://dps.certpointsystems.com/Portal/Sso.aspx

Step 1: Sign in using your DPS user name and password

Step 2:  Select CATALOGS

Step 3: Enter “Creating Connections” in the search box. Expand the Culture, Equity and Leadership Team Catalog and Culture Equity and Leadership Team General Curricula.

Step 4: Once you’ve located Creating Connections, click the Info/register button to see a list of upcoming sessions. Select the session of your choice by clicking the “Register” button. After reviewing further details about the session, click the button “Submit for Registration”. You will receive a message when you have been successfully registered. You may also confirm your registration by going back to the Home page and clicking “My Courses”, which will display all training courses you are scheduled to attend.

Teachers Register Using SchoolNet: https://schoolnet.dpsk12.org/PDPlanner/Activity/ActivityDetail.aspx?referrer=~/pdplanner/activity/MaterialsSearch.aspx&ActivityID=4425

Step 1: Sign into SchoolNet

Step 2: Search cc1617 under the Educator Development tab/ PD Search

Step 3: Choose your date and click “Register”. You will receive a message when you have been successfully registered.


For more information about DPSCreating Connections please contact us at DPSCreatingConnections@dpsk12.org

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