Equity & Inclusion

A hallmark of all of our equity and inclusion efforts is our ability to meet unique needs, embrace families and communities, encourage conversations, and generate and inspire advocates.


Equity is a Shared Core Value
Equity in education is raising the achievement of all students while narrowing the gaps between the highest- and lowest-performing students, and eliminating the racial predictability and disproportionality in which student groups occupy the highest- and lowest-achievement categories. Equity as a Shared Core Value is about providing opportunity, access and inclusion to all, while differentiating for outcomes based on the unique needs of our students. Learn more in our Denver Plan 2020.


Voices of African-American Educators

At DPS, we know we must do more than talk about our values, we must live them. We recently asked Dr. Sharon Bailey, a scholar, community leader and former Denver Board of Education member, to meet with our African-American educators to learn about their experiences in Denver Public Schools. These team members also shared their concerns about the experiences of our African-American students. Read the thought-provoking full report; an executive summary also is available.


Programs for Educators andĀ the Community
We offer a variety of programs for DPS educators and the Denver community thatĀ focus specifically on building equity:


Learn more about Equity and Inclusion efforts lead by Denver Public Schools.