The Door of Opportunity

Information and Request Process:

The Door of Opportunity was unveiled on July 31 during the Our DPS: Living Our
Values meeting. The door is a symbol of our commitment to living our Shared
Core Values in our shared pursuit of closing the achievement gap and ensuring
that Every Child Succeeds. All educators (the role of all members of Team DPS,
regardless of title) are called upon to walk through the Door of Opportunity when
they are ready to make a personal commitment to living our Shared Core Values
Students First, Integrity, Equity, Collaboration, Accountability and Fun. The
door will continue to be available throughout the school year at a variety of
locations and events. We encourage you and your team to use the door in your
values work at your school or in your department.


If you would like to request the Door of Opportunity for an upcoming retreat, a
school event or another opportunity, please contact Enterprise Management
Warehousing and Distribution at 720-423-5665 or
When you make your request, please include the following information:

o Date(s) requested and delivery location
o Contact for delivery
o Length of time the Door of Opportunity is needed

Enterprise Management will deliver the Door of Opportunity and accommodate
the requests to the best of their availability. Please request the door at least five
business days prior to your event. The door comes with a commitment box and
commitment cards. As educators make a commitment, walk through the door and
ring the bell, they are also encouraged to complete a commitment card that is
placed in the Door of Opportunity commitment box. Please leave the completed
and uncompleted commitment cards in the box. Remember, this commitment is optional and personal. Provide a safe space for educators to make a commitment when they are ready. It is important that walking through the door does not feel pressured but instead honors individual choice and readiness.