Our DPSTransformers

We have 60 Our DPSTransformers that have partnered with CELT to guide our decision making as we transform OurDPS culture to ensure Every Child Succeeds.


2017 transformers


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Group Photo Transforming


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These Transformers represent our 88,000 students and over 8,000 educators. The Our DPSTransformers:

  • Meet as a team four times in 2015.
  • Help drive Our DPS culture transformation efforts by being a change champion.
  • Collaborate as a group to inform our mission, vision and values work across our district as we make DPS the best place for all to learn, grow and have a positive impact.

“The work DPSTransformers is doing is so important to the overall health of our organization and I truly enjoy having the opportunity to build relationships with people from across the district.  The conversations are engaging and allow for many ideas to be brought to light from multiple perspectives.”  Stacy P. Miller, Principal, Noel Community Arts School

Our DPSTransformers have volunteered to be representatives for specific schools/departments. Below, you will find a list by school/department and you are welcome to contact a Transformer outside of your school or department should yours not be represented. Please click on the e-mail link below to contact the representative:

Academic Portal Team                   Tim Leddy                           timothy_leddy@dpsk12.org

Administration                                 Beth Kenny                         elizabeth_kenny@dpsk12.org

Administration                                 Sue Williams                      susan_williams@dpsk12.org

Administration                                 Dom Barrera                      dom_barrera@dpsk12.org

Administration                                 Laurel Mattrey                  laurel_mattrey@dpsk12.org

Archuleta                                           Yolanda Ortega                 Yolanda_ortega@dpsk12.org

ARE                                                     Mackenzie Lane                Mackenzie_lane@dpsk12.org

ARE                                                     Grace Saenz                       grace_saenz@dpsk12.org

Budgetary Services                          Kate Kotaska                     kate_kotaska@dpsk12.org

CAO                                                    Tara Witterholt                 tara_witterholt@dpsk12.org

CAO                                                  Martha Loera Olivas        Martha_loera-olivas@dpsk12.org

CELT                                                   Gregory Diggs                   Gregory_diggs@dpsk12.org

CELT                                                   Kim Price                            kim_price@dpsk12.org

Chief of Staff                                    Nikole Bruns Carey           Nikole_brunscarey@dpsk12.org

Communications                             Elia Martin                         elia_martin@dpsk12.org

Communications                             Felicia Michael                  Felicia_michael@dpsk12.org

Construction Services                     Heather Bock                    heather_boxk@dpsk12.org

Cory                                                    Jennifer Harris                   Jennifer_harris@dpsk1.2org

DELCS                                                 Kathleen Hill                      Kathleen_hill@dpsk12.org

Denver Math Fellows                      Isabel Reyes                       Isabel_reyes@dpsk12.org

Denver Math Fellows                      Tim Johnson                      timothy_johnson2@dpsk12.org

DoTS                                                   Debra Lago                        debra_lago@dpsk12.org

DoTS                                                   Nancy Parker                     nancy_parker@dpsk12.org

Educational Technology                Erin Magley                        erin_magley@dpsk12.org

Educational Technology                Angela Perea                     angela_perez@dpsk12.org

Elementary Education                    Brette Scott                       brette_scott@dpsk12.org

Extended Learning                          Ashlee Adams                    Ashlee_adams@dpsk12.org

FACE                                                   Elizabeth Battle                 Elizabeth_battle@dpsk12.org

Farrell B Howell                               David Bennett                   david_bennett2@dpsk12.org

Federal Programs                            Seth Edwards                     seth_edwards@dpsk12.org

Financial Services                            Martha Davidson              Martha_davidson@dpsk12.org

Financial Services                            Veronica Brads by            veronica_bradsby@dpsk12.org

Human Resources                           Cindy Eisenberg                Cynthia_eisenberg@dpsk12.org

Human Resources                           Sandra Just                         Sandra_just@dpsk12.org

Human Resources                           Leticia Levi                         Leticia_levi@dpsk12.org

Instructional Superintendent        Erin McMahon                  erin_mcmahon@dpsk12.org

Lena Archuleta                                 Karen Matson                    Karen_matson@dpsk12.org

Mental Health & Assessment  Octavianne Maroncelli  Octavianne_maroncelli@dpsk12.org

Montbello HS                                   Rhonda  Albers                  Rhonda_albers@dpsk12.org

Noel                                                   Stacy Miller                        stacy_miller@dpsk12.org

O & M                                                Lisa Archuleta                    lisa_archuleta2@dpsk12.org

OSRI                                                   Kevin Croghan                   kevin_croghan@dpsk12.org

Sabin                                                 Ariana Gutierrez                Arianna_gutierrez@dpsk12.org

Sabin                                                  Jeffry McMahon               Jeffrey_mcmahon@dpsk12.org

Spec Education                          Melissa Armendariz         Melissa_armendariz@dpsk12.org

Steele                                                 Robin Donaldson              robin_donaldson@dpsk12.org

Student Services                              Arnold Greer                      Arnold_gree@dpsk12.org

Student Services                              Diann Richardson             diann_richardson@dpsk12.org

Summit Academy                             Wauneta Vann                   Wauneta_vann@dpsk12.org

Talent Management                       Sean Precious                    sean_precious@dpsk12.org

Transportation                                 Nicole Portee                    Nicole_portee@dpsk12.org

William Roberts                               Grant Varveris                   grant_varveris@dpsk12.org