African-American Equity Task Force

In response to the Dr. Bailey report on the factors contributing to the opportunity gap that exists for our African-American students and educators, the DPS Board of Education and Superintendent have commissioned an African-American Equity Task Force. This task force will be led by a Steering Committee and six Working Groups.

DPS Equity and Inclusion

The Task Force Steering Committee is charged with the development of an Equity Agreement. This will be a compilation of recommended actions, efforts and resources needed to address the factors that are contributing to the Opportunity Gap for our African-American students and educators. The Steering Committee will provide leadership and support to six Working Groups, who will develop recommendations related to the levers of impact that were identified in the Dr. Bailey report and the subsequent open forums. The steering committee and working groups will be supported by a DPS team and will receive guidance from an Executive Council made up of leaders and elders in the Denver African-American community.

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Read our draft recommendations. The African-American Equity Task Force was asked to develop and present a set of prioritized recommendations to help close the Opportunity Gap for our African-American students and educators. As this is an ongoing process, there is still work to do with prioritization and finalization of these recommendations. We invite the community to read our draft recommendations to see the work accomplished thus far. View Online.

*The recommendations included in this document represent the views of the African-American Equity Task Force. These recommendations have not been adopted by DPS or the Board of Education and have not been evaluated for legal compliance or fiscal limitations.

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